Success Stories

About Urafiki:

Welcome to Urafiki!

We’re delighted you’re taking time out to look at our website, and hope you’ll find what you see here inspiring.

The word ‘Urafiki’ means ‘friendship’ in Kiswahili, and this small but very special charity began with a wish to build links and friendships between our community in the UK and another in Yala, Kenya. Links that would enable the Yala leaders to tackle the extreme poverty that is part of daily life for so many. Over time, these friendships have grown very deep. We trust each other, have shared values, and can see the real, lasting difference that our projects have made.

Some of our content is unsettling, because we want to share with you the realities faced by people living in extreme poverty. But the Urafiki story is, above all, one of hope. It’s about how a small group of friends, working together, and listening to each other, can make a big difference.

We’d love you to explore our website and discover what has already been achieved in Yala, and what could still be done.