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Supporting The Elderly

URAFIKI’s supporting the elderly and vulnerable scheme was set up in 2007 after the Yala team discovered a hidden problem with hunger among the elderly. In many communities, elderly people have to care for grandchildren due to their parents dying from HIV and aids. As a result, many grandparents are on the verge of starvation all year round trying to support their family.

With your sponsorship, URAFIKI can provide a bag of staple food every month to allow older people to support themselves and their family. The community centre will also provide them with a hot meal once a month, basic medicine, blankets, regular visits to their home and the opportunity to sing and socialise with friends.

Joseph's Success Story

Joseph Shiraho was born in 1921. After his wife died, Joseph had no one to help him take care of his grandchildren, who had been left with him after his daughter was unable to care for them.  As an elderly man, Joseph found it hard to cope with feeding such a large family.

As a result of being sponsored, Joseph is now part of the URAFIKI scheme. He receives staple food every month, soap to keep him clean and a blanket to keep him warm at night. When he is ill, Joseph has access to basic medicines to help him recover. As a former pastor, Joseph prays for his sponsors every day.

How You Can Help

Respah Mweche

Respah was born in 1949 and has 3 children. Her husband died some years back and so she is at the mercy of wishers to feed her. One of her children is mentally challenged and so life is a daily struggle. She also has grandchildren to care for. Can you help to feed Respah so at least she has some staple food and feels cared for? For £8 a month she can have basic supplies and a monthly meal at the Centre. Thank you for caring about Respah.

Thomas Makamu

Thomas was born in the 1933 and lives from hand to mouth. He doesn’t really have a home to call his own so he survives at the mercy of well-wishers. His wife died several years back and since then he has not remarried. He looks weak and skinny. This is because meals are hard to come by. We are desperate to continue supporting him. Your sponsorship of £8 a month would feed Thomas and make his last years happier ones. 

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