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Further Education

URAFIKI’s further education scheme follows on from the secondary school programme, creating opportunities for students who want to advance their knowledge and put something back into the community, but are prevented from doing so due to the high costs.

With the help of our sponsors, URAFIKI provides financial support for university students who have received direct entry places from the government. URAFIKI also supports students who are working towards diplomas, certificates and technical qualifications as the Yala team believe that education is the best way to change the society. In all cases, students are expected to give back to the community and help other students for a minimum of six months before they start their course.

Faith's Success Story

Faith Ambasa joined the URAFIKI secondary education scheme in 2006. She worked hard throughout school, finishing with a grade C. Faith lived with her granny, Clementine, who was close to starvation when we first met her, and sadly died three years ago.

Faith has now completed an early childhood studies course and works at a local nursery. She takes care of her younger sister and teaches her the subjects that she herself learnt in school. Faith radiates positivity and has the most beautiful singing voice, frequently singing with the choir in church. Despite all the hardships Faith has faced, she is very grateful for her sponsorship as it has given her the chance to develop her skills and pursue a career.


It costs £500 per year to cover the cost of a student’s university fees and up to £600 per year to support a student completing their diploma, certificate or technical qualification.

How You Can Help

Rose Kabeii

Rose has grown up with a single mother in challenging conditions. She worked so hard at secondary school and got her A levels in December 2016. She is very keen to avoid early marriage and a life of poverty. Rose has been working as a volunteer in the URAFIKI cafe for a year and would dearly like to go to college and train as a chef. She loves cooking traditional Kenyan food for those who visit the centre. Its very tasty too. Can you help her achieve her ambition? It will cost £20 a month to support Rose at technical college.

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