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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

URAFIKI’s orphans and vulnerable children scheme (OVC) was set up in 2009 when the team in Yala identified a problem with young children being sent home from school due to lack of exam fees and uniform. Although primary education is free in Kenya, many families cannot afford to send their children to school due to the additional costs involved.

With the help of our sponsors, URAFIKI provides orphans and vulnerable children with the physical, mental and emotional tools to help them through their primary education, including money for school uniforms, monthly food and healthcare. Our hope is that, one day, every child will have the access to the education and training that is needed to lift themselves and the community out of desperate poverty.

Euster's Success Story

Euster Doya lost both her parents when she was very young. Without a roof over her head, she was sent to live with her aunt who could not afford to feed her or pay for her education.

Through sponsorship, URAFIKI supported Euster at primary school by paying her exam fees and ensuring that she had food and school uniform. Euster is a very hard-working student and has excelled in her studies, often coming top of her class. She has just achieved an A- in her final secondary school exams and will be going to university.


She wants to help children in her community by being a role model and hopes to secure a place at university so that she can fight for the rights of orphaned children.

It costs just £8 per month/£96 per year to give a child in Yala access to primary education.

How You Can Help

Jennifer Clare (age 6).JPG

Clare Jonifa

Clare is 6 years old and lives with her elderly grandmother and 3 brothers and sister. Her Mum and Dad died a year ago and the living circumstances are absolutely desperate. The family were fed and given blankets as soon as they arrived at the Urafiki centre. Now Clare needs a regular sponsor to support her in school.

For £8 a month you can help Clare to be in school with a meal a day, learning and playing with friends.  

Tobias Wafula

Tobias is 11 years old and in class 6. He has both parents alive but neither have secure work. The father burns charcoal and the mother washes people’s clothes. He is one of four children. Often the family does not eat each day.

With your support Tobias can have a meal each day and be happy in school learning and doing the things most boys at 11 do. It costs £8 a month to keep him in school. Can you help please?


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