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Supporting Disabilities

The disability programme was set up by the team in Yala to bring about a change in attitude. People are very frightened of disability in Kenya due to the cultural beliefs and stigma which are attached to it. As a result of this stigma, people with disabilities are abandoned in their village huts, isolated and forgotten. As they are banned from using local transport, they have very little access to facilities, and are at the back of the queue when it comes to education.

With your sponsorship, URAFIKI can support people of all ages with any sort of disability. We can help shift attitudes and give disabled people access to medical expertise, equipment and education, which will vastly improve their quality of life. In the future, we plan to get as many disabled people into schools and employment as possible and give courses to people with learning difficulties on basic skills and how to stay safe.

Mincelet's Success Story

Mincelet Khasoa has been with URAFIKI’s disability programme for eight years and was the first child to join the scheme. Before Mincelet had access to school, she was in an extremely desperate situation; she spent all day on her own at home and would cry because she couldn’t go to school like the other children.

Due to her sponsorship, Mincelet has been able to attend a special boarding school and is working hard in her final year at secondary. Mincelet has had huge success with throwing events at school and has a natural talent for discus and javelin. She already carries the flag outside of Kenya in national competitions and is doing so much to change the perception of people with disabilities in Kenya.

How You Can Help

Jenta Minayo

Jenta was born with spina bifida so she cannot walk or stand, only crawl.  Her father ran away after realising she was disabled, leaving Jenta and her six siblings in the sole care of their mother.  Her mother is a small scale farmer who works hard every day to scrape a meager living, as well as looking after Jenta who needs specialist care.  There is little money for food and no possibility of paying school fees.  Jenta can talk and is really keen to go to school as she sees all the other children going there.  We are hoping to send her to school in January. Please can you sponsor Jenta for £30 a month and bring a smile to her face?

Gloria Muhonja


Gloria is 4 years old. She was abandoned by her mother when a few months old and left with the grandfather. The grandfather’s wife is not happy to look after Gloria so the grandfather shoulders the care. He said he couldn’t just leave her to die when we spoke to him.   When grandad came to the centre his 10-year-old daughter was carrying the child on her back.  Gloria is very tiny and can’t walk or crawl. She is not speaking but her grandad thinks she can hear. With your support, Gloria can receive weekly physiotherapy and nutritious flour and food each month. Please can you support Gloria for £12 a month? 

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