Employment and Skills

Sewing Project

Thanks to all of you who sent sewing machines out in the container in 2013.

About ten of them are now kitted out with treadles, and are in use in the URAFIKI community hall. The Sewing Project is turning into a big success, guided by Rose, the excellent teacher who is paid to instruct the class. You name it, they can do it – pattern making, button holes, pleats, tucks. Ten people have done the programme since March 2014, young girls, older women, and one man, Isaac. They are regularly assessed by the local youth polytechnic, and all are now ready to do a certificate exam. As part of their learning they are now making the school uniforms – dresses, trousers, blouses, skirts – for all the children on the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s scheme. They are also making washable sanitary towel, so supporting girls into education.

We hope to take on another group of students in the next few months, and will run a sponsorship scheme to raise the funding to support them.

We hope that the existing trainees can now get work. Marketing their new skills and products will be a challenge, but there is a demand for the products, whether the school uniforms, sanitary towels or the smashing dresses that they have learned to make. It is still early days but the Yala sewing project is well on its way.