Children With Disabilities

What would you wish for any child?

A loving, caring home, where their needs are understood?
Good health?
The chance to go to school, learn and make new friends?
A supportive local community?
Opportunity, and hope for the future?

Yala’s children with disabilities need all these things, and with a little help we believe they can achieve them.

The Urafiki team in Kenya has already made a huge difference to the lives of many young people with learning and physical disabilities, by providing medical expertise and equipment, and finding sponsored places at schools with specialist staff, but they would like to help many more.

Their approach is always very focused, with an emphasis on working with each child and their family to identify the most effective way to help. Some needs will require huge resources to be tackled effectively; but for most young people, relatively low-cost interventions can make a real difference. Take a look at the stories of children who have already been helped, and you’ll see how proper support and medical expertise is transforming their lives.

The Urafiki team draws on medical support from within Kenya, and has also forged links with skilled professionals in the UK, who offer help with diagnosis, speech therapy, and ways to alleviate the devastating after-effects of cerebral malaria. The team also supports adults with learning and physical disabilities.

The specialist school in Yala could do with more resources, but the teachers are caring, and work hard to encourage rehabilitation and integration, sometimes helping children with disabilities to join mainstream education. School gives these young people a chance to come out of the dark mud huts where they have been spending their days, confined and isolated, to meet new friends, and to thrive. No wonder they love going so much!

Urafiki works in partnership with these schools to help improve facilities, so the children can concentrate on learning, and having fun! It can be something as fundamental as building the Kaptisi Special School Toilets. Even getting young people to school used to be a challenge for some families, due to the long distances involved and a lack of available transport, but thankfully now Urafiki hires a driver and car to do the various school runs each term.

The future looks bright! These young people are wonderful role models, and are already helping to erode the prejudice, stigma and fear associated with disability. Instead of living hidden lives, they have the chance to realise their full potential, and be valued and respected by their community. What could be more worthwhile than that?

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